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A device which will help you count the infection of varroa mites in your beehives.

You catch 200 bees from the broodframe (avoid catching the queen).

You anesthetize them with CO2 gas. After 10-20 seconds shake the varroa counter for 10 seconds.

The varroa mites are also affected by the anesthetic and will fall off the bees and under the screen.

This way you count the infection and decide what treatment to do. The included manual will give you detailed instructions as well as a proposal depending on the number of mites fallen.

The anesthetized bees will wake up after a short while.

Easy and simple and gentle on the bees. 

You can find the CO2 cartridges from us or from stores selling fishing and hunting equipment. 2 cartridges will last around 12 measures. 


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